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Hey Everyone,

I hope you are well.

I'm Lindsey and I represent an online contest community website www.showme.tv launched early 2010.

We are currently collecting entries in a photo based contest called 'ShowMe your pet photo snaps'. You can register and submit your photograph for free. Once the uploads deadline (11th March 23:59 GMT) has been reached there will be 4 weeks of voting where we encourage you to reach out to your friends and networks and ask them to vote for your photo.

The contestant with the highest number of votes will win a £250 voucher to spend at www.pixmania.com

You can find the upload link to enter this contest here http://www.showme.tv/contests/showme-your-pet-photo-snaps

If you have any questions about this contest or any element of ShowMe please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team on customerservices@showme.tv

Kind Regards,

The ShowMe Team

What is H.R. 669

If this is not appropriate please delete.

H.R. 669 stands for House Resolution 669 and is titled "The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act". It is a bill currently before Congress that if passed will change the way that the US Government classifies animal species that are not native to the United States. H.R. 669 will make it illegal to breed and sell many animals that are very common in the pet trade.

Why should you care about HR 669?
Anyone with pet fish, birds, reptiles, or small mammals will be affected by this bill. Any company selling product or services for pet fish, birds, reptiles or small mammals will be affected by this bill. Would you be impacted by "The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act"?

Virtually all fish in an aquarium are not native to the United States
Most pet birds are species not native to the US
Most reptiles kept as pets are not native to the US
Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and ferrets are not native to the US


Take another look at my Treat Time 4 video, as I've added video footage of the two new rats Gary and Alexander at the beginning, and also some cute new gerbils who are enjoying their sand bath, and a couple of rambunctious dwarf hammies. I am sure that if you love pets, that you will be entertained!

I thought I'd post this here as in the video you can see me giving treats to the gerbils in the Animal shelter where I work ^.^

Holiday presents for Gerbils

I wanted to buy my boys presents for the holidays. All the holiday presents are mostly for dogs and cats.

I did score a deal on their tube system because they had Disney tubes that where half the price of the critter trail tubes and they work. I also got them a running wheel that connected to their system. http://www.amazon.com/Super-CritterTrail-snap-Comfort-Wheel/dp/B0002MKZWO

When I get an interesting design figured out I will be posting a picture.

I mean seriously how hard would it be to make a Santa chew toy or decorated tree!

Do you buy birthday or holiday presents for your pets?

Major Score

I was having problems keeping the boys busy with things to chew. I gave them toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and some boxes that food came in. I kept running out and had to ration them.

Then I got my partner that works at Humana Insurance to ask the cleaning people for empty toilet paper rolls. They gave us one huge bag that has a quarter of toilet paper on the rolls and empty rolls. Now they have toilet paper for bedding along with their Care Fresh and we get daily bags of empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

We told them we didn't want the ones with the toilet paper still on it because that last bag was enough to last us a year! They are donating the rolls that still have paper on them to the animal shelter and we get the daily empties!

That was so cool!

Photos of some gerbils at my work

Photos of a family of gerbils from the animal shelter where I work ^.^

Cool New Website

If you have not seen it yet you might enjoy checking out http://www.smallanimalchannel.com/
I put together a large tunnel system that I call Gerbil Flags Over Texas for the boys to run through for exercise and to get out of the cage even though it's connected to the tank.

Today I didn't notice I didn't seal off one of the tube exits and Squirrel got out. I went to the kitchen and saw Squirrel on the living room floor. I said "Squirrel how did you get out!" He stood up and looked at me and looked where he got out and thought better of going back into the tunnel system and ran off. I sealed off the opening before Spot could get out.

I followed him into the computer room and he ran to the bathroom then ran back because he knew I was going to catch him. Once in the living room I sealed all the other rooms so he would have to stay in the living room and dining room area.

He came to me when I offered him a Cherrio but decided he didn't want it and ran off again. So I got the fence from the Gerbil Park and put it in a "U" shape and put his sand bath, chewing tunnel and some millet in it. I let him run around and didn't act like I cared he was out.

Spot sure did though. He was in the tank and could see Squirrel was out and he wasn't so happy about it. He stood on his feet and did the "I want out of here dance."

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